My New Covenant Life



  #7 A Prophetic Overview


The New Covenant clears up prophetic confusion.


Introduction, Supplements, Devotionals

Introductory material and a few extra charts.


#1 Beginning at the Beginning


We start with the knowledge of God.



#2 The Rules of Context


A surprisingly simple way to grasp what the Bible says.


  #10 A Closer Look at Adoption


Family bonding.


  #9 On the Law, Adoption and Sonship


Welcome to the family treasure!


  #8 The Old and New Covenants Contrasted


Three dangerous errors to avoid!



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*My New Covenant Life - Fourteen studies to enrich your knowledge of the New Covenant!

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#3 The Covenants


The Bible's Super Highway of Promises.


  #11 The Blood of the New Covenant


Understanding the dual aspects of Christ's sacrifice.



#4 The New Covenant


The Source of Life!


  #12 Dispensational Camps


Watch the New Covenant make a complex issue simple.


#5 What Is a Dispensation?


Clearing the air with simple definitions that work.


  #13 A Light to the Nations!


My role in this Dispensation.


  #6 The Role of the Shekinah Glory


Tangible power for authenticating our witness!


  #14 The Day of the Lord


Not just an event, this is a theme which saturates the Bible.


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