To know the New Covenant is to know Christ!

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My New Covenant Life is the product of years of efforts to help local church families and Bible institute students get a better grip on the underlying structure of promises which form the framework of our biblical understanding. It has been field tested in small and large group contexts.


Simply stated, by God's grace this study will take the student from an understanding of the Person and character of God, down the road of His super promises (the covenants) and will refresh our knowledge of the all important New Covenant.   By giving the New Covenant its proper place it not only becomes relevant to our daily experience, it defends us from the landslide of muddy errors which have flowed into our most conservative assemblies.



This is a T.I.Y.  (Teach It Yourself) site.


The My New Covenant Life Series is designed first, to grow believers in the knowledge of Christ, and secondly, to equip those believers to lead others down the same path of discovery.  On this site you will find:


Full length videos to introduce you to the rich doctrines of the New Covenant.


Full length audio files to supplement your video learning or aid in review.


Full note sets for both instructor and student for both study and free distribution.


Full PowerPoint slide sets to accompany each lesson (and PDF files for quick reference.)


A Full gallery for selecting important slides for viewing or printing.


FULL SUPPORT from Jim Steel to aid you in your own learning or in teaching these wonderful truths to others.



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The My New Covenant Life site is now one part of an entire study series!


In addition to this site we have devotional, individual and group study materials, and opportunities for online studying.


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Satan's first suggestion "hath God said?" has been indicative of his effort to confuse the simple understanding of God's Word down through the pages of history.  He hates clear and concise statements and good definitions.


On the other hand the average believer is not conversant with heavy doctrinal terminology and theological terms which often have more to do with nuance and preference than sound biblical truth. His pursuit of relevance has, sadly, let to the abandonment of truth.


The premise behind these studies lies in a conviction that, when left to itself, God's Word is neither complex nor irrelevant.  Simple habits of interpretation, once adopted, can save us from a mountain of regret.


Most importantly, the scriptures ARE relevant and have been given to us by a very relevant and personal God.  Some may reject this study because of its simplicity.  Still others may set it aside because they misconstrue it to be complex.  In the end, however, no one will be able to say that it is irrelevant to the personal experience.


My New Covenant Life  I Copyright 2013, 2015 James P. Steel, Sr.